Curlbellaa –  an online platform where I can express and show my creative thoughts about hair, fashion and beauty.

As a half Nigerian, half Dutch kid I always wanted to look like everyone else in class; I wanted to have straight blonde hair, blue eyes and wanted to wear the most popular brands. In reality all of this wasn’t possible. I had to accept myself the way that I was and deal with it. At least, that was how I thought about it. Like my mom, I always tried to make the best out of what I had. Being creative with my hair and clothes became a hobby and ended up being a true passion of mine. At my first ever job I was called: Angela with the cute afro. In High School everyone thought that I was a rich kid because I always had new clothes. Little did they know that most of it was on sale or from a thrift shop lol. And I was proud of that.

Now I want to create that confidence that I was missing about myself for others. Be you and be proud of who you are!

What to expect on this blog? Creative hairstyles, reviews, fashion and beauty. Oh, and of course: everything in between.

Blogposts every Monday and Friday and Youtube videos every Wednesday and Saturday.


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